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For most people, stress and aging first appear in the texture of facial skin. Facial skin performs several crucial functions. It is the body’s most accurate visible register of health and its first line of defense against the various assaults of the physical and emotional environments it encounters. Years of performing these functions inevitably leave signs of the past that many people would rather not see in their faces. Acne, especially adult acne, can leave small scars or reddened spots on the face that fade very slowly or not at all. Sun exposure often causes flat, dark “age” spots and wrinkling. Smoking dulls skin while drinking bloats it, and both contribute to wrinkling. Weight gains and losses can further contribute to surface irregularities. Of course, over time, the normal expressiveness of a face also leaves its marks.

Dr. Loving can improve the texture and appearance of a patient’s facial skin with any one or several of the methods described below. During a consultation with him, a patient can explain his or her objectives so that Dr. Loving can recommend one or more of the following procedures according to skin type and the desired results.